Kingwood Computer Services for Home Offices

Kingwood Computer is your Neighborhood source for knowledgeable computer support professionals. We provide fast, affordable remote, onsite or in-shop services and support for home computer users, very small businesses and mobile computer users.

If you are frustrated with inconsistent, impossible to contact, always late and make you wait, “break-fix’ computer service from arrogant, independent computer “geeks” then you need to call us right now.

We speak Plain English so you can understand everything and that makes doing business with us very easy.

We are dedicated to customer service so we respond fast and we know what it takes to get your computer back up and working as quickly as possible.

Through our 20 years of experience we know that, other computer repair services just “fix” what is broken instead of correcting the root causes or proactively addressing maintenance, planning and upgrades as needed. After all they probably hope you’ll have to call them for service again soon and then they’ll extract even more money from you.

Just like your car needs regular maintenance and repairs your computers need periodic cleaning, maintenance and updates to improve reliability, performance and prevent breakdowns. In addition to fixing the cause of your computer problems we offer proactive, remote support maintenance plans that virtually eliminates the chance you’ll have any major or untimely computer glitch or hardware breakdown.